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From the North Shore of Little Rock Lake in Benton Co

From the North Shore of Little Rock Lake in Benton Co.
Jim Hovda, Rice MN 56367-0265 jhovda.rice@jetup...
WEATHER: Cooler and “wetter” than last year. Temperature averages
were 53.3 and 77.4 degrees for the low and high compared
to 58.43 and 78.9 for
last year.
We did make it to ninety degrees on the 4 th although I’m sure that Rice made it to
ninety several times. Living on the north shore of the lake does give us some lake
effect on temperatures. Our coolest day was a 42 degree reading on the 26 th .
Rainfall came often enough to keep things from burning up. Rain on eleven
days totaled 3.40 inches compared to only2.76 inches last year. The most rain fell
on the 8 th when I recorded .78 in the gage. Total rainfall for the calendar year
stands at 15.86 inches compared to only 9.95 inches last year. Major storms and
hail missed us.
record cold was a 32 degree reading in 1993 while the warm record was 102
degrees in 1931. The most rain fell, (N end of LRL) 10.91 inches for the month in
1991. The most tornadoes(statewide) occurred on the 17 June when 48 tornadoes
touched down in MN.
PHENOLOGY: Some general observations: Hummingbird numbers seem
to be down from last year. A notable increase in Purple Martins, all three housed
have occupants. Very few butterflies and bee numbers seem to be down also.
Common Loons were calling the latest ever (04 June) on the lake. A Bald Eagle
makes a daily flight over our north shore looking for dead fish. Joe-pye Weed is
blooming as well as other summer flowers. Lots and lots of wood ticks.
LITTLE ROCK LAKE: Water temperature at the beginning of the month
was 58 degrees and 70 degrees at months end. Secchi disk readings started at 5.5
feet and ended at 2 feet which it was for most of the month. The last part of the
month saw a lot of algae, some really thick on the surface at the end of the month.
HELPFUL HINT: With summer here, warm temperatures in the bird bath
bring algae. Try placing a short piece of copper tubing (3 or 4 inches long) in the
bird bath. You will be surprised at how clean the water stays.
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