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2018: PICNIC Results

A very successful picnic this year!  The silent auction, live auction, donated glass picture raffle, lunch and water donations and T-shirts/hat sales and membership drive were a big hit!  Fund raising continues to reach our goal of $60,000+. 

We'd like to thank EVERYONE for contributing and coming to the picnic and enjoying the afternoon. A big thank you to our Picnic committee for a job well done, fantastic! 

Congratulations on board elections: 

Corrine Jacobs for her re-election to the board as a director, Kellie Gahllager re-elected as President, and our two new secretaries who are going to split the position; Renee Seviola and Amy  Claude ! 

A special thank you to our large and corporate donors: 

$30,000 Eagle Creek Renewable Energy

$10,000 Rice Sportsman's Club

$10,000 Benton Communications

$10,000 East Central Electric Grant (pending)

$ 5,000 Sauk Rapids Sportsman's Club

$ 3,000 Watab Township

$ 2,000 Langola Township

$ 1,000 Go Fund Me

$ 1,000 Carp Contest

$    500 St Stephen's Legion

$    500+Sheppard of the Pines Church

$    500 Community Donations

Please also thank our partners who have contributed time and materials to the drawdown: 

AIS Task Force: $25,000 for plants

Score Grant: $10,000 for clean up 

Totally Stitchin': T-shirts for the clean up crews

Pizza Ranch: for the Picnic Food

Rice Fire Department: Emergency department services and T-shirts

Community Members: for donations to feed the Boy Scouts

Benton County: Use of the Campground and Lakeview Center

The farming community for continued progress on BMP's. 

Eric Altena (MNDNR), Amanda Guertin (Benton SWCD) 

Thank you !! The LRLA Board of Directors thanks you for your support !

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