Little Rock Lake Association

Vision: To Restore and Maintain the Health of Little Rock Lake

Little Rock Lake, Rice Minnesota

Including the Harris Channel from Highway 10 west to the Mississippi River
Little Rock Lake is the largest lake in Benton County, Minnesota. It is fed by 3 creeks.
The north end is ~1.5 miles east of the City of Rice and extends 3.25 miles south (x 1 mile wide) where it narrows to cross under Highway 10. 
Little Rock Lake South of Highway 10 is approximately 4200' x 1200' feet and narrows into a 2' to 4' deep navigable channel emptying into to the Mississippi River.
Little Rock Lake was enhanced in 1911 when the Watab Pulp and Paper Company constructed a dam along the Mississippi River in Sartell, MN. By the end of the 1950s much development had occurred on the lake, mostly characterized as seasonal cabins.
Surface Area: 1450 acres. 1392 acres or 96.0 percent of the lake is littoral (water depth of 15 feet or less)
Maximum Depth: 23 feet. Average Depth: 8 feet
Shoreline Length: 15.7 miles. Greatest fetch is 2.2 miles oriented north-northeast
3 Public Accesses
Parcels on Lake and Channel: 381 with 307 Owners (from  Benton County 08-28-09)
landform history
Little Rock Lake derived its name from the southern two-thirds of Watab Township which has many outcrops of granite and syenite, continuing from the much-quarried area in Sauk Rapids and East St. Cloud. At each side of the river road, in the vicinity of the Watab railway station, small hills and knobs of these rocks rise about 40 feet above the road and 75 to 90 feet above the river. One of these hills of rough, bald rock, called by Henry R. Schoolcraft "The Peace Rock", rises directly from the river's edge about half-mile south from the mouth of Little Rock Creek, which, with its Little Rock Lake, was thence so named. It is a translation of the Ojibwe name, signifying, as more elaborately stated by Rev. Joseph A. Gilfillan, "where the little rocky hills project out every once in a while, here and there." (Upham, 2001).
28 Fish Species
28 Fish Species
Wide variety of Sizes and Types
Fishing Regulations 2021
Fishing Regulations 2021
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Carp Contest 2021
Carp Contest 2021
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Elementary Outreach
Elementary Outreach
The Association sponsors a poster coloring contest and pizza party each spring with 4th-graders at Rice Elementary School to encourage good water quality stewardship and promote environmental awareness. All children create a poster and receive a gift. Winners receive a T-shirt with their poster on the front.
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