Drawdown Summary

Below is our drawdown strategy and accomplishments, along with the drawdown data that was conducted in 2019.

Little Rock Lake Post Drawdown Summary 2022

Survey: 200520202021
Total # Points Sampled322322234
Vegetated depth range (ft)1.3-13.10.9-6.10.5-9.4
Max Depth of Growth (95 percentile) in feet*
# Points in Max Depth Range (95 percentile)203174217
# Points in Littoral (0-15 feet)311311217
% Points w/ Submersed Native Taxa14%23%73%
Mean Submersed Native Taxa/ Point0.170.260.91
# Submersed Native Taxa666
# Submersed Non-Native Taxa111
% Points w/ Non-Native Taxa44%28%65%
Sum of Station Total Fish Count20192022Grand Total
BIB (Bigmouth Buffalo)3225228
BLB (Black Bullhead)000
BLC (Black Crappie)71284355
BLG (Bluegill)69441510
BNT (Brown Trout)000
BOF (Bowfin) (*Dogfish)121123
BRB (Brown Bullhead)101
BUB (Burbot)000
CAP (Common Carp)5650106
CCF (Channel Catfish)18119
CSH (Common Shiner)011
GOS (Golden Shiner)000
HSF (Hybrid Sunfish)000
LMB (Largemouth Bass)304878
NOP (Northern Pike)91173264
PMK (Pumpkinseed Sunfish)011
RKB (Rock Bass)01010
SHR (Shorthead Redhorse)31132
SLR (Silver Redhorse)57057
SMB (Smallmouth Bass)000
SPO (Spottail Shiner)000
TPM (Tadpole Madtom)000
TRP (Trout Perch)055
WAE (Walleye)131831
WHC (White Crappie)000
WTS (White Sucker)104114218
YEB (Yellow Bullhead)314
YEP (Yellow Perch)23307330
Grand Total58216912273