Hometown Heroes

It was with great pleasure and immense gratitude that we recognized Ben Posch and Logan Gerads for their extraordinary act of kindness and bravery on that unforgettable day, November 25, 2023. Little did they know that they would become the heroes of our community, coming to the rescue of a young buck we’ve now affectionately named ‘Rudolph.’

That day will forever be etched in our hearts, feeling helpless as the deer struggled desperately to free itself from the icy grip. As the daylight began to wane, and hope seemed to fade, a glimmer of salvation appeared on the horizon. A boat in the distance was the beacon of hope we had been waiting for – it was none other than Logan and Ben in their boat.

With unwavering determination and courage, they ventured onto the thin ice, their boat breaking through the frozen surface as they approached the exhausted deer. With skill and compassion, they gently lifted Rudolph into their boat, cradling him to safety. The moment they reached the shore, Rudolph, seemingly rejuvenated, bounded away into the wilderness – a testament to the power of human kindness.

This heartwarming story would not have been possible without the generosity of individuals who donated cash to express their appreciation. We extend our sincere thanks to Tiffany & Russ Pierskalla, Phillis Post, John & Kate Linn, Sarah Jorgenson, Reid & Laurie Garrison, and Rob & Corrine Jacobs, for their contributions. With your support, we were able to reward Ben and Logan with a heartfelt $100 each, as a token of our deep appreciation.

The spirit of community and compassion exhibited by Ben and Logan reminds us that even in our small town in central Minnesota, remarkable acts of kindness can touch lives and leave a lasting impact. We celebrate their heroism and the generosity of our community, coming together to save a life and exemplify the true meaning of neighborly love. ❤️