Little Rock Lake Drawdown Updates

  • Data supports drawdown

    Recent research reflects concepts in understanding lake phosphorus and changes in their ‘state’.  Vitense, K., M.A. Hanson, B.R. Herwig, K.D. Zimmer, and J. Fieberg. 2019. Predicting total phosphorus levels as indicators for shallow lake management. Ecological Indicators 96:278-287. This recent study suggests that phosphorus levels can determine the potential success of shallow lake management such […]

  • 2018: Drawdown Delayed

    The Little Rock Lake Association a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to restore and maintain the Little Rock Lake Watershed was advised by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources that the planned drawdown for August 1st, 2018 will be delayed.  The drawdown of Little Rock Lake and the Mississippi River north of Sartell will be postponed […]

  • Results of the Drawdown hearing

    We had a great turnout for the drawdown hearing March 28th, More than 150 people showed up to learn the latest information and ask pertinent questions about the process, funding, plant growth, and fish concerns, among several others. A summary of the most common questions and concerns can be found on the drawdown website […]

  • 2018 Drawdown

    Little Rock Lake-Sartell Pool Drawdown Project Information A proposal to consider a summer drawdown at Sartell Dam 2018 Original Article Recent meetings with Eagle Creek Energy suggested we may need to consider some alternatives to a system-wide longer term drawdown. Maintenance requirements, loss of significant revenue and complexities with FERC licensing made it worthwhile looking […]